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BLOG: Drake & Future – What A Time To Be Alive “Mixtape Review” by DJ Blak Boy

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Drake  & Future – What A Time To Be Alive

By DJ Blak Boy


WATTBA Mixtape Review

It is safe to say that Drake and Future are definitely on top of the rap game right now and they aren’t pulling the reigns any time soon. For the two to collaborate on a joint mixtape, was the icing on the cake! If anybody else dropped a project in the midst of “What A Time To Be Alive”, it didn’t matter at all! The Internet hyped this “holy grail” of a project up to be the next big thing.


Kicking the mixtape off, with “Digital Dash”, I expected what I heard. It was only right that Metro Boomin got the production opportunity he deserved based off the turned up career he is having thus far with FBG’s Future. Drake was able to conform and coincide with the style of Future, which didn’t sound forced or corny. I knew that the rest of the mixtape would deliver beyond expectations. Following the first track, Drake and Future take it up to another notch as well as Metro Boomin. “What A Time To Be Alive” is definitely a club banger and will definitely be in my rotation.

With “Live From The Gutter”, Boi-1da collaborates with Metro to provide a dope beat with his signature snares and kick drums. At a slower pace, Drake and Future deliver another hard track. At this point of the mixtape, they are on a roll.


“Diamonds Dancing”, which seems to be one of the most popular and fan’s favorite on the mixtape, is a good song that mostly ladies like. Drake and Future resort to their alternative style of singing on this track, which crossed over well for those who asked and wondered what the two would sound like singing on a song together. “Scholarships” was a dope track that I was content with. One of my favorite songs on WATTBA, which is the following song, is “Plastic Bag”. This song is definitely a stripper anthem and I think that is why it appealed to me. Any imagery of a sexy and sultry woman seductively dancing in the nude to a dope track is always good. “I’m The Plug” takes the mixtape back into a more energetic direction. I feel once the fans learn to sing along to this song, it is inevitable that it will be another dope club banger. “Change Locations” and “Jumpman” were two mellow tracks that I enjoyed chopping and screwing as I worked on slowing down the mixtape for my own twist.


The final two tracks “Jersey” and “30 For 30 Freestyle” were actually two solo songs; meaning that Future performed “Jersey” and Drake performed “30 For 30 Freestyle”. The switch up wasn’t really expected, considering the fact that they knocked this project out in 6 days, I expected all songs to be in duo form. Both songs were good and I kind of knew what to expect but it was satisfactory.

In conclusion, the “What A Time To Be Alive” was good for what it had to offer. This mixtape was definitely one for both fan bases to come together and consume until the two release new solo projects such as Future’s “DS3” and Drake’s much anticipated “Views From The 6”. If you aren’t a die-hard fans or music advocates, this mixtape may not appeal to you as expected based off of the hype.


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