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BLOG: ManMan Savage – Smash or Die EP Review by DJ Blak Boy

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ManMan Savage – Smash or Die EP Review

by DJ Blak Boy



Hailing from East Atlanta, ManMan Savage has been making some noise for a minute now. During one of my live sets I was approached several times from different people to play a new song, “On The Road”. At the time I wasn’t familiar with ManMan but initially I became a fan of the hype hook and heavy 808s. Since then I’ve kept ManMan on radar for new music. Eventually I met the rapper, and I was intrigued by the hunger he had for music. Leading to my anticipation for his latest project, the Smash or Die EP.


Introducing the world to his music, ManMan simply kicks the EP off with an intro of his name being repeated. It was nothing too complex or overbearing yet efficient as a proper introduction. Following the intro, “Walked In” explains how the buzz of ManMan somewhat began. Coming from the underground rap scene of Atlanta, it’s common for rappers to drop a single to kick off their campaign. Which eventually leads into them being the new name and face people talk about. Henceforth, ManMan is definitely a new name and face to keep your eyes and ears on.


Leading into the next song, “Mr. East Atlanta”, ManMan states the obvious. From jump, I could hear Gucci Mane on the remix so that is definitely something I would be keeping my ears open for. If not, a ManMan and Gucci Mane collaboration would suffice. I would like to see this song performed at a performance due to the high energy and possibility of others from zone 6 who would be proud to turn up.


The next song, which is my favorite song, is “Rollin”.  On this track, ManMan put together a club hit in my personal opinion. The only thing I don’t like about this song is that it wasn’t longer. However, It’s a banger nonetheless this is definitely a song I’d put in my rotation. The beat produced by Slade Da Monsta and Cool$hit is A1 and soon as it hits, you feel the music. Slade and Cool$hit did a good job with this complete project on production. I’m definitely looking forward to more from these two.


“Nina” and “My Savages” are two dope songs at the end of the EP. “Nina” reminds me of 2Pac’s “Me and My Girlfriend” but instead of a more hardcore track, ManMan creates a more chill and melodic tune for females to feel welcomed to listen to. It’s a dope record and it crossed over well. The following and final record, “My Savages” is about the only people ManMan needs when the world is against him. Also playing off of the group of Savages that ManMan is closely knitted to with his music group. I’m looking for more from ManMan as well as the rest of the rappers and producers he runs with.


All in all, this EP was a great way to introduce the world to ManMan Savage. The production was great enough to play in your car and for the club. Accompanied by high energy and dope lyrics, this project made sense and worked well. I know for sure that ManMan has potential to be the next big name in Atlanta and soon the world.

Smash Or Die EP:


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