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BLOG: PeeWee Longway “Money Pounds Ammunition” Mixtape Review by DJ Blak Boy

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Peewee Longway – Money, Pounds, Ammunition 2

Written By @DJBlakBoy


PEEWEE mixtape review

My first Peewee Longway song I heard was “Breaking My Wrist” and ever since then I’ve kept my ear to the streets on his upcoming music. I’m not a fan of much street music due to a common redundancy in the sound and style, but I found an interest in Peewee’s music for a number of reasons. What stood out to me is his flow and wordplay on various 808 heavy beats. I know you may be thinking to yourself that every street rapper in Atlanta does sound the same but if you listen closely to Peewee’s music you will hear a big difference. Henceforth the underground success and relevancy he has in the Atlanta rap game.


Kicking the mixtape off with “Product”, Peewee introduces that he is simply a reflection of where he came from as he somewhat does throughout the entire mixtape. On to following tracks such as “War”, “Catch Up” produced by TM808, “Do It For The Hood” produced by Metro Boomin, “Dirty”, “White Man Can’t Jump”, and “Just For The Hell Of It”, Peewee keeps it to the streets for his fan base, which is definitely what I expected and was satisfied with.


I have a lot of favorites on MPA2 that I think other listeners will find a liking to. Such as “Outta Here” featuring Quavo, of the Migos, which has Quavo’s charismatic style on the hook. This is definitely a song for every DJ to put in rotation. Peewee also features Offset of the Migos on MPA2 as well, with songs such as “Extortion”, “I Wanna Rock”, and “Thug Life” produced by Cassius Jay, which are also dope records as well. Based off the songs that Peewee collaborated on with the Migos, it’s clear that the chemistry is definitely there. Which is dope based off the fact that these artists are part of the leading force of the “New Atlanta” rap movement.


Another dope aspect of the MPA2 mixtape that stood out to me is the tracks from artists that are also in the MPA music group. Featured artists such as LoLife Blacc, Yikes, MPA Turk, Krazy Blacc, and many more all delivered solid contributions to the mixtape. What I liked the most is how MPA showcased the growth of the team of artists and producers. For example, LoLife Blacc rapped on his own beat featuring MPA Turk. The reason why this stands out to me is because not too many give street rappers credit for having much to offer besides 16 bars. The track was put together and performed well. The same goes for Krazy Blacc also. Other producers on the mixtape such as the homie DJ Plugg who always puts together dope beats for Peewee (remember “I Start My Day Off Selling Drugs” from Blue M&M) dropped heat on MPA Spud’s “Ain’t Here 4 That”.

MPA2 was a mixtape I kept my eyes on to the drop date. Peewee Longway has a strong campaign going and wants his team to see success too. All together, the MPA team delivered a dope mixtape and I am definitely looking forward to more music.

PeeWee Longway – Money Pounds Ammunition Wol. 2


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