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BLOG: Scotty ATL – The Cooligan “Mind Yo Mixtape Review” by DJ Blak Boy

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Scotty ATL – The Cooligan

By DJ Blak Boy

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Since meeting my homie Scotty ATL in Athens for the first time, I’ve been a fan of his music. CyHi The Prince brought him out during a show at a UGA concert back when I was CyHi’s tour DJ. It was also during the beginning of Trinidad Jame$ success with “All Gold Everything”. The energy was high and when Scotty hit the stage, he brought a soulful and very chill ambiance to the stage. At that time I became a fan of his music and kept up with the music he released. Fast-forward to today and Scotty is one of the most popular independent artists in Atlanta. His latest project, “The Cooligan”, is nothing short of a classic mixtape that could pass as an album.


The mixtape is hosted by Scotty’s tour DJ, DJ Mike Mars, and two mixtape legends in the game DJ Drama and DJ Scream. Leading into the first song, “Welcome To The Cooligan”, kicks off the mixtape with a traditional Scotty approach which is lyrically rich and full of southern rap soul. I personally appreciate Scotty’s style because it something that Atlanta is missing and he proves that all Atlanta music isn’t cliché. The next song “Art of War” comes on with a grimy hip-hop beat produced by KE on the Track and Scotty delivered to expectations. I’m a big fan of boom bap head nodding hip-hop and this track made me do that.


One of my personal favorite tracks on TC (The Cooligan) is “Speed Up”. The way Scotty elevates his range to harmonize on a track while spitting real sh*t is rare these days in the new generation of Atlanta rap. It also sounds authentic and not forced to prove an invalid point, which most rappers fail to realize to incorporate into their delivery when attempting to do this. Another favorite of mine on this mixtape is “Bust It Open” which is easily a club banger and will appeal to the modern west coast rap consumer as well. I remember hearing this song early before being released at a listening session Scotty invited me out to. I like how he is displaying his range as a rapper. With a feature from No Genre head honcho, B.o.B., this song will be a big single and ladies will love it.


B.o.B. provided more than one feature on TC by providing dope lyrics on another song titled “Fantasies”. Wurld also provided dope vocals on this song to give off a “trance-like” vibe, which worked along with a slower tempo and Scotty’s soulful bars. Scotty received features from other big names such as Curren$y on “Incredible” which is an incredible track with a chill vibe I’d like to see performed live. CyHi made an appearance on the mixtape of course and the song was nothing less than great. Starting off with some Kanye wisdom, “Nigga Concentrate” is another personal favorite on TC produced by M16. The soulful and gospel sample accompanied by heavy lyrics and word play from Scotty and CyHi was a great collaboration. Such lines from CyHi like, “I used to catch MARTA to wash dishes at this restaurant/I was the true definition of a bus boy” should say enough about the substance and quality of this song. My favorite song and collaboration on TC is “I Need Mines” which features Devin The Dude and 8Ball. Not too many new generation artists wield enough respect from the OGs in the game to get this put together.


Scotty ATL proved his range as an artist even more throughout TC. “Neva Switch Up” is a representation of him and his team and I really appreciate this song. The track is a representation of Scotty and his team. As long as I’ve known Scotty he has always been authentic and kept a positive vibe amongst his circle. The game lacks this right now and Scotty replenishes the game with what it needs. “Three Steps Forward” is another one that proves Scotty’s range. This song is a testimony about staying down through the grind through the triumphs and tribulations. Other songs that stand out on the mixtape are, “Oh Lawd” featuring soulful vocals from Substance, “Money Problems” featuring Snootie and produced by the hit producer Cassius Jay, “Out My Mind”, and “Runnin Thru My Mind”. As Scotty brought the mixtape to a close, he did so the right way with “Neva Fall Off”. Despite what anyone may think, Scotty has constantly been on the rise as an emerging independent artist that is proving worthy of being an Atlanta legend.

I’ve heard a lot of Scotty’s projects, but this one takes the cake as a classic. It is a “no skip” project that you can ride to, play while studying, or to play at a function. The range of TC is constructed in a manner of being an album. If you are looking for something different to listen to, then The Cooligan is definitely for you. I will be looking forward to more music from Scotty.


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