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No More Hype: The REAL Top 5 BET Cypher Verses


DJs and cool people, I think we can all agree that after a week of cypher coverage, all that we’ve learned is “KENDRICK CAN SPIT” and that “SLAUGHTERHOUSE IS DOPE”. Basically, the same thing every blogger or journalist regurgitated from the other, and something that most of us really already knew. While they’re trying to get you to buy into the hype, WE HERE AT DJSERVICEPACK WERE WATCHING, and now that the hype has died down and we’ve had a chance to let the cyphers sit with us, here’s are 5 cypher verses that you should be going back and checking out again (link to the cyphers by clicking the name of the MC):



(first MC)

I was orginially put on to this cat when I found out his biggest single was produced by a fellow UGA alum. Wax is an L.A. resident by way of D.C, but his bars in this cypher are A.1. Today’s artists struggle to make talking about “the man” and society and the state of our union tough to swallow, but Wax makes you stop and think with lines like “You know there’s people in Peru right now that are hunter gatherers/And many recent studies have found that they’re happier than we are/I’m to rapping what the Kardashians are to PR/Preface my name with a D-R“. His delivery is captivating and hyper-intelligent, something comparable to Asher Roth, and he really makes you think about his bars. For a track by the man Wax, check out his international hit “Rosana


(fourth MC)

Rittz has probably been on many of y’all’s radars for a minute, between his collaborations with Yelawolf and signing to Tech N9Ne’s Strange Music label. For those not up on the still-relatively-underground MC, however, this was a verse to remember. For starters, he lets off a dope (and, being from the south, accurate) diss of current-GOAT MC Kendrick Lamar by spitting, “For the record just because you rapping like you mad/You ain’t snapping, you just sounding raspy/
In Atlanta, we don’t ride to that!” with a quick flow not bested by most rappers during the entire Cypher presentation. For more of this flame-tongued spitta, check the Mike Posner-assisted “Switch Lanes


ROYCE DA 5’9″:

(third MC)

I know I said at the beginning that people have been upping Slaughterhouse this whole time, but that’s as a whole unit. The Shady Boys’ biggest issue to date is that they haven’t been able to show off any star-power.  However, there’s no reason Royce, who has been spitting since the 90s, can’t have that front-and-center spot. He turned heads in their last BET Cypher, with the infamous “Hi Rihanna” line, and he made folks rubberneck once more with the line “Now all I’m trying to do is give Halle Berry a baby today/Then I’m outtie tomorrow, after that maybe Drake can adopt it”. It’s that goofy sense of humor combined with his ability to weave multi-syllabic rhymes that makes him an MC to watch for, while also being what has kept him in the game thru 3 separate decades. Check him out with Eminem on “Fast Lane


(first MC)

Bam Bam Action Bronson has been making waves in the NY scene for quite a few years now, almost to the point where I probably didn’t need to type that and let you know. His cypher verse is just another swell for him to surf on, with lines like “Crash the motherfucking Jeep into the venue/Better pray to God it’s straight to heaven where they send you”. Bronson probably has next out of New York outside of A$AP Mob, so be sure to keep looking out. Meanwhile, speaking of that Jeep he mentioned, check out “Strictly 4 My Jeeps



(first MC)

Most would argue that the A$AP Mob cypher was probably the worst cypher of the BET festivities. I would not be one to argue with that sentiment. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean there weren’t any highlights to speak of. Take this current example, the Trap Lord himself, A$AP Ferg. A large part of his cypher showcase was his entrance and relative theatrics. If you have a keen eye, you see him ducking behind the group in the cut, praying for everyone who is about to get bodied by his bars. He then goes on to spit some dopeness, lines including “White gold on my gums, like cocaine” and “Got’em wining like Lil Kim in bikini minks/No Limit soldier with a bunch of little tanks”. You probably wouldn’t miss much if you turned the video off after Ferg. Get some more of him here with “Shabba


Agree with our picks? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, @DJServicePack


– Matt Tompkins, aka @MattHasTheMusic 


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