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6 Reasons Why Artists Should Give Music to DJs FIRST


If you follow our twitter feed, you’ve like been bombarded with the hashtag #GiveItToTheDJsFirst. That’s no accident. People are neglecting to remember that for a record to reach unparalleled success, it needs to be spun consistently by DJs. 


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  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    Page 6 is the truth #Networking

  • Deejay Go-ill

    Great points DJSP has become one of my favorite go to websites for new music….#Salute

  • Ron DjRonviper Bright

    good stuff. if your music weak i can’t fuck with it and it doesn’t matter who you are.if its hot, lets do it

  • @DJ_Ivory_P

    Dead on accurate keep preaching to the congrigation and maybe they will receive the words you are throwing at them. I’m tired of people asking me to play songs i don’t have. for your next one maybe push the importance of Clean, Dirty, Instrumental, and Accapella versions of these tracks being given to the dj how we like to use them to make a more creative blend and that the whole idea is to associate the crowd with the sound of the artist track for example if i have a local artist track at 98 bpm i can mix it with a DJ Mustard track instrumental same BPM then spin it back and go into the mustard track and to the crowd it would sound like a remix which helps that artist get crowd recognition.