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The Lost Art Of The Dj Pt. 4: Female Dj’s

The Lost Art Of The Dj Pt. 4 – Female Dj’s By @1DJTNT

“..HYPE is one thing, HARD is another..”- queen mother rage

Lost_ArtDJWhen I write about REAL DJs they are usually referred to as male, cuz when I write, I generalize. But today’s blog is a little different. Even before I began deejaying, I LOVED music. When I made my little pause button tapes off of the radio, those “djs” were exclusively males. Granted, they weren’t deejaying in the sense that we speak of today. They were more like on air personalities, who said cool shit between the songs they played.. As I became more into radio, I heard an influx of female radio personalities that were females, with equally smooth voices and conversations. As I started out and continued thru the first part of my career as a DJ, I never actually saw a female DJ. It was almost like the only time I saw female even near the equipment in the booth was if she was trying to make a request, was a DJ’s main or just a groupie, online for a “mic check”. In “The New Reality”, we are being overwhelmed by the amount of “djs” on the scene. And a large portion of them now are females.

                                         Women can be REAL DJs too and I for one am all for it.

I can’t remember the first female DJ I met, but it was years ago. Over the years I have met quite a few, but their skill level wasn’t competitive. Alot of times it was laughable. But they tried. I have been fond of saying if “The New Reality” is all about push button transitions, airhorns & posing..we might as well begin finding & managing females, teaching them the true & real art form of deejaying & while they are being inserted into the matrix & doing their on the job training, we can plant the seeds for the takeover. I mean, If it’s all posing & frontin’ and fake deejaying and voguing anyway..if this is what yall call deejaying in the 21st century, why not get some women up in here, up in here?

DJing has over the years really been a male dominated sport, so to speak. The competition to be considered the best in any area has always been rough & there’s so many negative things taking place with the undercutting & janky promoters ect. Not to mention deejaying, in the context we discuss in these blogs, is a night life thing, so I can only begin to imagine the things a female up & coming DJ would have to go thru. I say that to say, you already have to be a solid individual,  but as a female, since you are dealing with mostly males, you have to really have your shit together. And just starting out could be tougher than you expected, but fortunately there are other female deejaying in other markets that I am certain you can network with. I have heard stories of females wanting to get into deejaying only to end up meeting “the casting couch”. I can’t imagine that route leading anywhere, but hey, if that’s how you wanna get in..

A few year ago I met @djbrandigarcia while I was deejaying a party at the House Of Blues. A week or two later, I hung out with her one e048e9ba53d28e6e5cb01408a0b4fa8fnight while she was spinning. The thoughts I’ve had all this time culminated as I watched this petite woman get down. Live in the flesh, I was witnessing a WOMAN who was a REAL DJ. I have read about and seen pictures of women DJs [like a Spinderella or a Jazzy Joyce] who have been around & been promoted, but in this instant, I was seeing what I believe is the future. Nowadays “djs”can be male or female but reader, a female DJ, who KNOWS how to mix, cut, scratch & blend, with precision, and is attractive..could turn this new reality completely out and put ALOT of “djs” out of business. In my opinion, they considerably more marketable than any male would ever be..and I must admit, altho brandi is nice looking and all, watching her get down on the set made her SEXY to me. REAL DJs respect & appreciate the art form. And I am no different. And watching her opened my mind to the potential a female REAL DJ truly has in today’s climate.

In this new reality, with new technologies & new opinions on what being a DJ means, I encourage all females that truly LOVE music & have a genuine interest in the art form to do your research & get involved. It is wide open for you to take over. If you are down with the push button mixing and the posing, get you a pair of dre beats & a controller & get in there [if “not deejaying” is the business, I’d rather look at you faking it than any male] but if you take this craft seriously, I will tell you just like I would your male counterparts: learn what it means to be a REAL DJ, practice & within “The New Reality”, you can position yourself for longevity. Also know that when I write about REAL DJs, they include women too.

  To all the “djs” out there, tighten up your skills. There maybe be a new crop of females waiting to take those slots & show you swagged up suckaz what it do.

942970_558633880825343_503416608_n I want to take a moment to observe all the active military, all the retired military & all the fallen soldiers of the United States, who put their lives on the line, have put their lives on the line in the past & have paid the ultimate price for all of us in America to continue to enjoy the freedoms we do. In my opinion, Memorial Day isn’t looked at for what it really means & I for one, try to acknowledge those groups of men & women mentioned above whenever I can, not just on Memorial Day. MUCH RESPECT.


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  • DJBigMommaV

    i loved this article .

    – dj big momma v

  • Charise Djresee Merrell


  • dancefa_eva

    As a female disk jockey, I believe the it was hard starting out as a disk jockey. Even more, it was the hardest when it came to dealing with money (as if money is the most important aspect of djing). I remember crying on one of my first gigs because the guy who hired me was trying to get over on me (I can be emotional). I wasn’t crying because I was scared or sad, it was because he really believed it was OK to underpay me because I was a female. By the end of the night, everything was settled and I taught myself to toughen up. Female disk jockeys MUST be tough and push the emotions to the side or else!

    Remember that episode of Run’s house where Angela Simmons wanted to be a DJ? I envied her so much because of how easy it was for her to get started! Her dad hired DJ Shy to teach her and she didn’t take the lesson seriously. She took advantage of the “shortcuts” of DJing and learned nothing in the art at all. She already had the equipment in a matter of time due to her dad’s successful past. If only I could’ve had it that easy! In fact a lot of female celebs are taking on DJing like Solange Knowles.

    I agree with the article; the world of DJing is soon to see a change with females taking over the scene! I just hope we can keep uplifting the craft!



    Amazing article! We exist and are working if not just as hard, more than a lot of guys in this industry because we are expected to do such a poor job but a lot of us will shock and amaze you. Great article and topic.

    • 0

    Dope article! Salute to ALL REAL DJs, especially the female ones 😉 & Salute to you for helping keep the craft alive with your support. I could go on for days with the push button/ipod DJ bullshit but I’ll keep it short, lol. I may not be the best but I still rock my 1200s & practice to master the art. Real talk, Female DJs definitely gotta be on our shit and there’s a lot more of us out there than you’d think!!!

  • DJ Kee

    I hate when people say Real Djs.. Shit me!! if you play music you play music.. is there a such thing as a real mechanic or a real car salesman a real plumber or a real bartender No its just good ones and bad ones..some people can mix blend use turntables scratch with their lips and still suck .. then you got someone that can just push button on a lap top and have the crowd bussing busting! It’s the Music the Melody the Soul not the equipment thats all Im saying #Salute that you play your passion… Push on Dj Push on..

  • djteetee225

    I am really glad you put that out there “real djs”, and i totally agree!

  • djteetee225

    I love this article. I’m so glad that they are giving us female DJs acknowledgement. I would love to see more females get into this craft!!!