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TOP 7 Songs In Atlanta
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Update On The Lost Crates

We have been getting emails from so many of all DJ’s in the community. Yall have sent us 17 Crates so far. We have re uped the links and they are live. We still have a lot of crates to go to get all of the links corrected. Incase you didnt hear… We got hacked and the hackers deleted every one of our crates, so we need our communities help with sending the crates that they have in to us so we can get them back on the site.

Please use GE.TT or to upload the crates that you have and you can email them to us at [email protected] We appreciate all yalls help!


Here is the list of crates we still need. If you have one or more of these please send to us:

  • EDM remixes Vol 1
  • R&B Jamz Part 2
  • R&B Jamz Part 1
  • Acapella Reup Vol 2
  • 2 Chainz Takeover
  • Top 40 June 2012
  • Ruff Ryders 1
  • Millennium Mix
  • 90’s R&B hits 1
  • Bad Boy R&B hits
  • B More Club
  • Dirty South 2
  • Dirty South 1
  • Bad Boys 10th Anniversary



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